Zend Framework in Action in the Works

Rob has beaten me to the punch, the only thing left for me to do is put up a pretty picture of the cover so you can see what has occupied the time I may or may not have put into this blog! The story is that the book that we are co-authoring on the Zend Framework has now been released through Manning's early access program. This means you can read it as we're writing it, basically. It's certainly hard work, in particular trying to find the time alongside the "day job", but nonetheless rewarding and I do have to say thanks to Rob for asking me to be part of the process. When he originally asked I was quite taken aback in a "why me?!" way. Anyway, I'll chat more about it now that it's more official and if you're interested please feel free to let us know any thoughts/comments/ideas through either of our blogs or the author's forum. The point of this early access program is to get as much feedback as possible and therefore improve the quality of the final publication.